About me, Erika Thompson

I am Erika Thompson, an independent midwife in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. 

I believe birth is the most beautiful experience in life. It is a privilege to support women, partners and their families through the most amazing, magical time in their lives and be witness to what can only be described as a miracle.  When I say this it is not uncommon to have a response of ‘how can it be beautiful?  Are you in the real world?’ With 14 years experience I still stick by my statement and hope to help you see that too.

‘Your antenatal support really helped change my perception of the whole birth experience. I’m so happy to have learnt to see it as a positive experience and continue to do so. A valuable lesson to pass on to my daughter.’


I qualified as a midwife in 2000 and worked in an NHS trust. I was involved in making home from home birthing rooms in an obstetric unit and contributed to rewriting protocols and guidelines which would enable women to have a more natural and less controlled and managed birth. I am passionate about my work and dedicated to providing a high standard of care.

I have supported women through uncomplicated pregnancies, very complicated pregnancies, easy labours, challenging labours, caesareans, induction of labour, breech birth, water birth, multiple birth, postnatal recovery, breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, caring for babies and adjusting to family life.

Private maternity care, also known as independent midwifery allows me to practice in a way which I feel is beneficial for you and for me.  I feel confident you are recieving a high standard of care which is individualised and personal to you. I will provide unbiased, evidence-based information enabling you to make informed decisons in your pregnancy, which will enable you to feel confident and reclaim ownership of your pregnancy and birth.  My independent work is exactly that – independent from the NHS.  However, I work closely with my NHS collegues, so if you need support from them too this can be arranged.

I am an advocate of homebirth and waterbirth. Having experienced both of these myself I can thouroghly recommend them! I have also had a positive hospital birth experience so have personal experience of different scenarios.  I am very happy to support you in your informed decisons reagrding your personal care.  We would discuss the evidence fully together so you can decide what plan of care is safest for you. I can also accompany you to hospital for hospital birth, planned casareans or other circumstances.

My Family

I believe strongly that if you feel calm and confident before the birth, your body will labour and birth more effectively.  That is why I also facilitate antenatal classes. I am passionate about breastfeeding and realise that although it is natural, it is not always easy.  I run breastfeeding workshops and offer breastfeeding support in your home.

I also believe new parents should be supported in the early weeks and this will reduce stress and anxiety during this time.  Fathers are of as much importance and I believe my role is to support them too.  My BabyCalm classes have been an extention of the postnatal care I offer.  .

My husband and I have had 17 amazing years together.  We have 3 wonderful children.  My personal birth experiences have all been different, and all amazing, empowering, beautiful and euphoric.

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